Here you can read a bit about me
I was born and raised in Holland and am a proud Mother and Grandmother

Discovering the fun of the computer on a later age was always thinking that the computer was only for work LOL

The first site I had on MSN but after fighting with them for a few years (like every time my site disapeared) I was sick and tired of that. So because I did not know anything about html or what kind of pagebuilders I bought my first site. It was made by Forever Precious Shih Tzu.

That was online for a year and in that time I learned how to do it myself LOL Thanks to the help from Annette from The Nightlady I was capable to do it and for sure she had a lot of patience with me LOL

My first guestbook entry was from Glenda from the former Ladys Vote Room and she asked me to ve with her

I did not know anything about that and also all the short names for everything like "Where are you talking about" but anyways she was the one that got me into the competitions.
I played several years in diffrent competitions
That was all the beginning
I was a proud Coffeerunner at The Coffee House Nuts .

Starting my TL duties at BOAT for a little while and than I moved on
Was a big part of Heart-n-Soul from the beginning till they closed the doors
One of my baby's at Webleagues 'THE PETLEAGUES" where I am the proud owner off.
Did some nice things at The Wild Frontier to fill up my time LOL
When Lady Astra started Mystical Meadows she asked me if I was interested in becomming a TL so figured that I had a few hours a week left so I accepted the joboffer.
When Lady Astra had to step down because of her health she offered me Mystical Meadows and I accepted it with a lot of pleasure.
Karla from The OD Club helped me great with making Mystical Meadows the way it was before I got sick
Now after a year of absence I am back in full swing
and ready to start up Mystical Meadows again

Thanks to a wonderfull staff I know for sure we are going to run smooth and we will all having a lot of fun and that is the meaning of playing a competition

Furthermore I have a few sites that needs my attention ones in a while LOL but most of the time that comes last

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